Daffodil Days

By Naomi | Feb 26, 2021

The bright yellow daffodils that come through the cold ground at this time of year are a happy reminder that spring is on the way! This sunny flower is known to symbolise happiness and reminds us of everything lovely that spring brings.

I have fond memories as a little girl asking my neighbour if I could pick some of their daffodils for mother’s day. I would wonder into their garden with my wellies on and clumsily grab three at once and try to pick them together – their stems were so strong that I would lean back and strain with all my might trying to pick them!

They are the official flower of Wales and the flower that traditionally celebrates a 10 year anniversary! When left alone in the ground the bulbs will grow and flower again the following year, it’s the flower that just keeps giving!

We hope you love daffodils as much as we do here at GardenistaUK. Lots of our cushions are as bright as the daffodils you see here. Enjoy!


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