Our Environment Promises 2021

By Naomi | Mar 16, 2021

Here at GardenistaUK we know that every effort needs to be made to cancel our carbon footprint. We are striving to minimise our impact on the natural world around us, from responsibly sourcing materials, down to the paper we print on.

This year we have laid out 3 environment promises to hold ourselves accountable to. Firstly we have embarked on a pledge to the Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 5 trees per product review on our website, and another 5 trees for each company review we receive on Google. In addition to this, we have pledged a set monthly donation to contribute to achieving our carbon off setting goals. 


The Eden Planting Project is an impressive scheme which looks to restore the world’s forests and supports sustainable energy initiatives. The focus for GardenistaUK is to provide the funds for trees to be planted but also to donate a separate amount to assist funding their other worthwhile planet-saving programmes. Click here to find out more about what they do across the world to tackle the climate crisis head on.


Our second promise is to make sure that as our order numbers soar so do our efforts to carbon–offset each parcel as it leaves our warehouse. This is where you come in! We have the option for you to choose to contribute to this by covering the cost of carbon off setting your own order. EcoCart is a super easy way for you to do this. Tick the ‘Carbon Offset your order’ box at the last stage of checkout and you’re done! It will add a small calculated cost to your order and that will be added straight to the monthly donation to EcoCart and help fund their programmes which help support and heal the environment. Click here to find out more about EcoCart and what they do.


Our third promise, which spans across the Loft25 group, is that there is a constant effort and awareness to continue to improve our carbon efficiency across all processes in the company. We will be striving to become a carbon neutral company not just within GardenistaUK, but throughout the family of Loft25 brands. The need to heal the planet is urgent and we have joined the cause.

NOTE: as of August 5th 2021 due to technical difficulties we have had to temporarily disable the EcoCart feature on our website. Rest assured we are working with the owners of the app to restore this feature as soon as possible to enable customers to contribute to our carbon offsetting efforts. 

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