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Your Garden at Bonfire Night

Your Garden at Bonfire Night

These are our top tips for having the perfect garden bonfire night this 5th November! 


1. Use dry wood

It's easier to light and will spit a lot less. Use smaller pieces in a pile under a tepee style structure as kindling and watch the fire grow before you add bigger logs. Make sure there are no hedgehogs or other wildlife hiding in the pile before you light it - especially if you are starting with a pile of dry leaves. 


2. Keep the size contained

Especially if you're using your garden, you need to make sure you set your bonfire away from trees and bushes, a shallow pit allows the hot ash and coals to remain insulated and contained. It's best to keep a way of extinguishing the fire near by - whether that's an extinguisher or large container of water. Don't add more fuel to the fire until it starts to die down or it will just keep growing. 


3. Keep children at a safe distance

Children should never be unattended near fire - keep them away from the bonfire, even when things seem safe - burning logs can dislodge without warning and sparks fly out at lower levels putting them at risk. 


4. Wrap up warm!

Stay comfy! Warm coats and gloves are a must but the ground is super cold so sitting on cushions can make the whole experience much more cosy! Make sure they're water resistant and enjoy your time outside that bit longer as you watch the fire works without wishing you were back inside!



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