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FREE UK Mainland Delivery
Free UK Mainland Delivery.

Our Story

At Gardenista, we craft each cushion with pride, just for you! 

And we’ve spared no effort or expertise. 

We make each cushion to order. We customize each cushion at your request. 

And we make each one right here in the heart of Birmingham!


Why choose a Gardenista cushion? 

Yes, our cushions are vibrant and beautiful. 

Yes, our cushions stand the test of time.

Yes, our cushions are world-class in quality. 

Care and consideration go into each step of the process.


But what really makes our cushions unique? 

The GardenistaUK team, of course. 

It takes a dedicated team of artisans to make any of our bespoke cushions. 

Lucky for you, our team is world-class, too!

From cutting and joining, to pinning and hemming, to inspecting and packing. 

They're all experts at what they do.

Everyone who worked on your cushion is a specialist.


Why mention all this? 

So you can be as proud to own your cushion as we are to make it!


All items include FREE DELIVERY in the UK. Pretty great, right?

They’ll even be shipped using the fastest method possible.

You can get notifications when items are out for delivery via text message or email.

Courier and tracking information is emailed when we process your order.

Not sure how long your item might take to arrive?

Give us a call at 0121 232 5075. We’ll sort everything out.

Make sure your delivery address is correct!

Also, please make sure someone will be available at the address to receive your delivery. Deliveries usually take place Monday to Friday.

Some product lines are available on a longer delivery lead time depending on time of year and type of product. Check the listing and shipping information beside the item.
Quality Products

We are committed to producing great products for the best possible price

Giving Back

Our profits go towards grassroots organizations and charitable causes

Customer First

We always put our customers at the very centre of everything we do