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Introducing Eco Month at Gardenista

Introducing Eco Month at Gardenista

At Gardenista, we have always been dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality garden soft furnishings that not only bring joy and comfort to your outdoor spaces but also minimize our impact on the environment. That is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Eco Month initiative. For the next 4 weeks, a selection of orders from our UK warehouse will be shipped in eco-friendly packaging, made from sustainable and toxin-free materials. In this blog post, we will share more about our new packaging and discuss the issue of garden waste in the UK.

Our New Eco-Friendly Packaging

We have carefully designed our new eco-friendly packaging to offer maximum protection for your purchases while minimizing harm to the environment. Here are the key features of our sustainable packaging:

  1. Waterproof coating: Our packaging is coated with a waterproof layer to ensure that your garden soft furnishings arrive in perfect condition, no matter the weather.

  2. 100% eco: The packaging is made from 100% eco-friendly materials, which means it is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

  3. Kraft paper bags: Instead of using plastic, we have opted for kraft paper bags, a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

  4. Eco-tape sealed. Our packaging is eco-tape sealed, ensuring that no harmful chemicals seep into the environment.

  5. No harmful toxins or materials used: We are committed to using only safe, non-toxic materials in our packaging to protect the environment and your health.

  6. Strong, durable, and capable of carrying large items: Our eco-friendly packaging is designed to be sturdy and strong, ensuring that even larger items arrive safely at your doorstep

The Impact of Garden Soft Furnishings Waste in the UK

Garden waste is a significant issue in the UK, with millions of tonnes generated each year. This waste often ends up in landfills, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and negatively impacting our environment. Garden soft furnishings, in particular, are a significant source of waste, as they are often made from non-recyclable materials that take hundreds of years to decompose.

By choosing our eco-friendly packaging, you are not only supporting a more sustainable future for the garden industry but also helping to reduce waste and pollution. We believe that together, we can make a difference and create a greener, cleaner world for future generations.

Join Us in Celebrating Eco Month

We invite you to join us in celebrating Eco Month by choosing Gardenista for all your garden soft furnishing needs. By choosing our eco-friendly products and packaging, you will be making a positive impact on the environment and supporting our mission to reduce garden waste in the UK.

Feel free to reach out to us and let us know your opinions on our eco-friendly packaging, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Let's work together to create a more sustainable future and transform our gardens into eco-friendly havens. Thank you for your continued support and for being part of this important initiative.

Happy Eco Month from the Gardenista team!

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