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Pancake Day : Ingredients From the Garden

Pancake Day : Ingredients From the Garden

It’s mid-February and it’s time to get out the eggs, milk and flour to honour a loved tradition! Pancake day! If you don’t have a sweet tooth there are still hundreds of savoury pancake recipes you can enjoy and today we’re looking in the garden to find the most delicious fresh ingredients!

Number One:

Up first is a personal favourite, leeks. February is the perfect time to be harvesting leeks in the UK. Use a garden fork and lift them gently out of the soil. Tesco Real Food has a fantastic recipe for leek and chilli pancakes. Recipe here.

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Number Two:

The smell of rosemary makes a perfect aromatic pancake in this recipe from James Martin at BBC Good Food. Picking a fresh sprig of rosemary from your herb garden is so rewarding and is the perfect opportunity to prune your rosemary bush to encourage more growth! Recipe here.

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Number Three:

An unusual sight which will be sure to raise some eyebrows: kale pancakes! These green pancakes are gluten free and delicious. Kale is usually still about in gardens throughout February for harvest. The kale is very nutritious and these pancakes make the perfect base for stronger flavours like chorizo or a spicy salsa. Check out the recipe from Tin and Thyme here

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